Nervous Drivers

Relaxed, friendly driving lessons at your own pace

Many people are anxious about learning to drive. If you are particularly nervous, this can make taking the first step of booking your first lesson quite terrifying.


John Burnett specialises in teaching nervous drivers and has many year's of experience in guiding them to becoming confident behind the wheel. 

If you're anxious about taking your first driving lesson please see some tips and reassurance below.

You're in the drivers seat - we won't start the car until you're completely ready

I will tailor your lessons to suit you, putting you at ease and teaching at a pace you're comfortable with

I am always there for you to discuss any worries and concerns you may have and to help you reach your goals

I will provide reassurance and encouragement throughout your experience of learning to drive, building your confidence and putting you at ease

Tips & reassurance for your first lesson